Project isn't dead, I (Fichina) am just a bit busy right now. I'll be developing this soon enough. Feel free to continue adding stuff of your own accord

General Disclaimer: This wiki is currently in a VERY early form. You're going to hit a lot of dead links. If you want to help out and create some of these pages, please do. (No criticism of the criticism wiki just yet, that's way too meta.)

Welcome to the Dream of Mirror Online Criticisms Wiki

The Dream of Mirror Online Criticisms Wiki is a collection of issues, suggestions, and debates related to the Free to Play game Dream of Mirror Online. Designed to be easy to reference and "fun" to use, this wiki should keep even the most out of loop on the pulse on what exactly is going wrong with the site and the game provided they're willing to use it.

Before using this site for the first time, you might want to check out the Five Minute Primer to see what this wiki is and isn't about, and how to utilize it effectively.


By Subject MatterEdit

  • In-game(List): Criticism related to the game proper
  • Item Mall(List): Criticism related to the item mall is run
  • Event(List): Criticism related to how events are run
  • Promo(List): Criticism related to how promotions are run
  • Forum(List): Criticism related to how the forums are run
  • Aeria(List): Criticism related to Aeria operations in general
  • Historical(List): Criticism that no longer applies

By NatureEdit

By FaultEdit