Hello and welcome, if you're reading this then you likely just got here and are looking for some guidance. Consider this the "in a nutshell" version of the rules and FAQ.


What is this?Edit

This is the Dream of Mirror Online Criticism Wiki, a collection of well known issues and problems within the game Dream of Mirror Online. It's been put to together to quickly get people up to speed on the pressing issues, provide a platform for dissent outside the Forum, and perhaps actually help the Aeria Staff deal with improving the game.

What isn't this?Edit

This is NOT AN ATTACK SITE. This wiki exists to bring to light and suggest ways of fixing know issues with DOMO. If you have a problem with something a specific figure at Aeria is doing deride their method , not the person themselves. Anything going against this spirit will be removed.


Now. Problems in DOMO have been stacking up with time, this wiki hopes to help with that.


Because despite the tone sometimes, the people editing this wiki care about the game. We wish to improve it and this is how we do it.


This wiki's primary caretaker is Fichina, one of DOMO's most notorious watchdogs. Despite this this wiki isn't "the big book of what Fichina hates" and was created to try and reach a neutral understanding that could not be found in the chaos of the forums


Here. This wiki is currently in a very early stage, and lacks much of its content and formatting. If you wish to help, create a topic on something that bugs you and what you think can be done about it. If you have the initiative list it in the proper categories. If not don't freak out and leave, just post it and we'll sort it somewhere visible soon enough.